Airport Transfers from Zante Airport (ZTH)

Transfers from Zante Airport (ZTH)

Zante airport is located on the south of the island, 1 km from the popular resort of Laganas and 6 km from the islands capital town. The airport on Zante is the fifth busiest in Greece, with many visitors passing through the airport every year.This airport is also known as Zakinthos International Airport.

Destination Distance (miles) Duration (mins) Price (from)
Alykanas 12 (mins) 30 (miles) 10.96
Alykes 13 (mins) 30 (miles) 7.62
Argassi 4 (mins) 15 (miles) 6.66
Kalamaki 3 (mins) 40 (miles) -
Laganas 5 (mins) 10 (miles) 5.22
Tragaki 9 (mins) 30 (miles) 10.81
Tsilivi 7 (mins) 20 (miles) 6.36
Vassilikos 11 (mins) 30 (miles) 16.74
* Prices may vary seasonally. Route, distance and time information is provided as an approximation for guide purposes only.

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